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Self Service Business 2019-11 EN V2

25-10-2019 19:36 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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In this version...

Changed in version 2

The subject 'Digital Signing - Changes on the email signature' is changed. We have added instructions to register the company who will send the e-mail.


Towards a better performance

We have made a change to improve the user experience of the Archive list that will also lead to an improvement in the performance of this page. For the explanation and performance of this adjustment, read the subject 'Search function Archive extended' in these release notes.

An improvement has also been made to the Effort form. This improvement prevents information being collected unnecessarily from now on. This will improve the performance of the Effort form.

Modified and Improved

Active signalling - When starting up a workflow from Active signalling, the default values were not filled on the first form

When defining a signal in HR Core, you have the option to create a 'Workflow' signal. When starting a G-form by means of active signaling, no rubriek fields were filled on the first form as you were used to when starting a workflow directly from Self Service.

This is solved in this release. The priority of the shown value is:

1. Data passed in with request;
2. Value from employee data;
3. The default rubric value;
4. Empty value.

Digital Signing - Option to sign from Batch Signing removed for Employees

When sending a document to 'Digital signing' from a workflow, until now all the users were prompted to select one option to send the documents for a signature: Send later using 'Batch signing' or 'Send for signature now' from the workflow.

This leads to some confusion as employees may not have access to the 'Batch signing' option in Self Service. Due to this, if the user sent the documents to 'Batch signing' and do not have access, there is no way for them to send later to the 'Digital signing' procedure.

With the changes introduced in this release the employees will not see the option to send later from 'Batch signing' and will see only the pop up to add their email address and phone number to send the documents at that moment for signature. Other type of users like managers and professionals will still have the option to select 'Batch signing' procedure if needed.

Digital Signing - Changes on the email signature

There has been some changes done to the signature that appears in the emails that users receives when they have an available document to sign on Intraoffice portal.

Until now the default signature contained 'Youforce HR Team' and from now on it will contain the name of the company that sent the email in the same way that appears identified in Self Service account. 

Digital Signing - Changes on the phone number validation

This change has been implemented based on the customer feedback and the votes received from the our Ideas Portal.

To prevent issues with mobile phone numbers when filling this information in the Self Service pop up for 'Digital signing' signature, we modified the actual checks to validate the phone numbers.

From now on this validation checks that the phone number doesn't start with a '0' (zero) and that it contains only 9 digits, which is the standard mobile phone number length.

You can register the name of the company who sends the e-mail at Beheer > Systeem > Instelling:

Search function Archive extended

Self Service users usually check for mutations from recent history. Too many items are displayed based on current filters.

It is now possible to search for mutations per effective date. The search function of the Archive has been extended with effect from 11 September 2019 with an effective date (from and including) filter. In addition to the user-friendliness, this screen will retrieve the data faster by using the new filters.

This filter shows as default value the mutations with an effective date starting from three months ago to today. If desired, you can select a different time period. Your selection will be saved for the duration of the session. If you press the red filter then you clear the period and you can select a new period. This will also reset your filter below.

The archive has been expanded with two new fields: 'Start date from' and 'Start date up to and including'. We have done this because of performance problems. If you get the Archive for the first time after logging in, then the 'Start date from' date: the date of three months ago is already entered. The 'Start date up to and including' is already filled in with the current date.

These are not mandatory fields. So if, for example, you want a bank view of mutations up to six months ago, then adjust the 'Start date from'. If you want to see future mutations, it is best to empty 'Start date up to and including'. If you only want to search by mutation number or employee number, you can also choose to use both fields 'Start date from' and 'Start date up to and including'.

If you leave this screen and then return to it, the last used selection will be displayed again. The starting date that can be searched is the starting date that you see in the top right of the forms.

List filtering - New validations on the dates filter in Archive

We added new validations to the dates filter on the Archive area in Self Service. This validations will prevent the users to enter incorrect dates or dates in a non valid format that used to return search results and could lead to user confusion. The new checks added includes:

  • Date format checking: Dates has to have the right format (DD-MM-YYYY) and cannot contain a letter or other characters not supported in a date format.
  • Leap years checks: When entering the date of February 29th it will only run the search if the year is leap. If not it will show an error as the date is invalid.
  • It will show the error message if start date happens after end date or end date happens before start date, which are not logical searches

Before this change the user could even see results with incorrect dates or not valid format dates but from now on the page will not make the call to the server if the format is incorrect and now refresh on the page will be done showing new results.


Validation of the IBAN code for bank accounts

As of January 1st, 2020, the Netherlands will fully switch to the International standard for IBAN for the bank accounts verification. In this release we adapted the IBAN rubriek in Self Service to be aligned with the new validations so from now on this International standard will be used for the IBAN verification in the Self Serivice forms.

All the IBAN codes provided by your bank before and after this change will still be valid. We simply added the International standard validation in Self Service as the banks in The Netherlands will follow this IBAN format from now on. The change will be applied automatically to the IBAN rubriek so there's no additional configuration or changes needed for the users.

Solved changes

Export on paper - Page could not filter mutations greater than 1.000.000 (change 1236521)

From various customer we received the messages that the functionality 'Export on paper' ('Export op papier') could not filter mutations greater than 1.000.000. The 'Export op papier' functionality didn't show a message error when filtering by mutations greater than 1.000.000.


From now on it will be possible to filter any amount of mutations. The problem is fixed and doesn't occur anymore.


Publishing Date : 11/6/2019

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