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Self Service February 2021

10-02-2021 10:50 (Bijgewerkt op 02-02-2022)
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New attachments size verification and additional attachments information in Self Service forms

All HR-cores

From now on, when uploading an attachment to a form in Self Service, the system will check the file size of the document before uploading it to the server. This way, the users will not have to wait until the file is uploaded to know if it exceeded the maximum file size allowed.

attahcments file size.jpg

Also, if the documents that the user is trying to upload are too big the system will show the error message in advance and it will not be possible to add the attachment to the form. The error message is now shown on the Attachments are of the page and not at the bottom as it used to appear.

attahcments file size too big.jpg

Workflow name in the Declaratie Rekenblaads forms when filling the excel

All HR-cores

In the past, when opening a workflow related to Expenses that had an expenses calculation sheet (Declaratie Rekenblad) in Excel, we were showing the technical name of the form as the page description. This has now changed and we will show the Workflow name as we do with the rest of the form pages in Self Service.

Declaratie name.jpg


New warning information when exporting rubriek FS0033 on DE forms (request: 2561711)

All cores

We included a warning message when adding the rubriek FS0033 on a Declaraties (DE) form as exporting this rubriek can have consequences if it set retroactively when filled. This option may be checked depending on the agreements that the company have made with the tax authorities. Check with the tax authorities in advance whether you can use this option. You can read more information about this configuration on Visma Community https://community.raet.com/producten/self-service/b/nieuwsberichten/posts/reiskosten-woon-werk-en-co...



Duplicated departments codes in the Departments list (request: 2205500)

All cores

When adding a new Employee role (Gebruikersrol) and selecting the Department List (Afdelingsgroep) there was an issue in the list that made that some of the department codes appeared duplicated in the list. This issue has now been fixed and the departments won’t appear twice in the list. Also we added by default the ordering by Afdeling code ascending so it it easier for the users to move through the list. This default ordering can be changed by clicking on the columns header to select ordering by that column in ascending or descending order.




Additional information related with emails in the audit trail (request: 1108778)

Only HR Core Beaufort

From now other role names in the audit trail then Employee, Manager, and Higher manager will be shown. They are retrieved from HR Core Beaufort (“Verbijzondering” in Self Service). By showing the role name instead of the email address, we do not have a GDPR issue/privacy issue.


An update in the application was needed to display the role name instead of the email address in the audit trail. Also to display the emails sent in every activity, not only the last one.
Please bear in mind that this change will affect mutations from now on.


Publishing Date : 2/12/2021

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