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02-06-2021 16:13 (Bijgewerkt op 02-02-2022)
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Special  character caused a blocking in vacancy rubric "Residence" (Change 2771928)

The user received a 500-eror in the vacancy rubric "Residence" containing the value(s) (special character). The user was unable to continue. We have fixed this rubric "Residence" so that the error 500 no longer occurs.


Delegations removal between Managers and Roles

Recently we developed a feature to remove the delegations of an employee when the contract expired. Now this automatic removal of the delegations will be applied as well to the delegations given or taken from the Managers (ManagerVervanging) and Roles (RolVervanging). This way, then the manager contract ends or the role ends, the delgations to other employees and the employees received from other employees will be removed automatically as the use is not in the company anymore. 


Default value not filled via Accept candidate (change 2581876)

When starting a mutation in the process "Accept candidate" for a new employee which is linked to recruitment system "Easycruit", an administrator configured a form with a "A00001" rubric including a default value.  The default value however, was not shown. This has been resolved. The default value in the rubric "A00001" will always be shown during the enrolment process in Self Service if it is filled. 

Publishing Date : 6/4/2021

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