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Change excisting paycodes

27-08-2019 11:33
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How to change existing Paycodes

Location: Payroll / Settings/ Rules / Paycodes
If you want to change an existing paycode, select it in the list to open up a window with information about that Paycode.




Then click "Edit" in the bottom right. You will be asked when you want to change your paycode from.




Now it is important to make a conscious decision. If you choose to apply changes in current version, Payroll will recalculate all salaries in this Paycode back to the date this version was created. This will likely cause wrong salary to the employees or errors in the accounting sheet during the next payroll. Therefore you should in almost all cases use a from date here. We recommend using the first day of the next calendar month without a created payroll. For example if we are in June it would be a good idea to set the date to 01.06 in cases where the payroll for june is not created yet. If the payroll for June already is created the from date should be 01.07. 

We do not recommend applying other changes to excisting paycodes than changing account types. In cases where you want to change anything else it is better to create a new paycode using the original as a template.

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