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07-08-2020 14:41 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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Extended signing period

Intradata extended the signing period from 6 days to 14 days. Starting from today, all documents sent for signing will have an extended period of 14 days for signing; while the ones created until today will remain on the 6 days period.

'To do' list: mark the workflows blocked by pending signature

In the 'To do' list we marked the workflows blocked by pending signature with a red icon so that the user can see it from the overview.

'Error 500' message when using 'Unblock mutation' (change 2188392)

Some users experienced an 'Error 500' message when accessing the 'Unblock mutation' page. This problem is solved. The message will no longer appear.


Calendar not visible in ESS Authorization (change 2163008)

When I click on a date field in the ESS authorization function, no calendar appears. This is solved. When I click on the date field, a calendar appears and I can select a new date to fill the date field.

Employee card is not responding by IC account number users (change 2215650)

When users with an IC account number were in the employee card and they wanted to go back, they were redirected to the start menu instead of going back to the selection list. This is fixed. The user will go back to the selection list.

Expenses Declaration becomes editable after printing a mutation (change 2172347)

After an expense declaration is printed, the user could still adjust the values within the expense sheet. This situation does not longer occur. The user cannot adjust a value after the expense declaration is printed.

Page 'Controle' migrated to new UI

The page 'Controle' (Menu: Beheer / Formulierdefinitie) has been migrated to the new look & feel.


Modal pop-up to print a range of mutations is not displayed properly in the Archive menu

The pop-up that appeared in Archive when trying to print a range of mutations, was too big. The pop-up has been resized to fit better on the page and to be aligned with the ones that we have to perform the same action in To Do and Done.

On the effort form (Dutch: Inzet), not all data (especially function and/or department) was correctly loaded with an existing effort row

Some fields (especially function and/or department) for existing effort row(s) were not loaded correctly within the effort form. This has been fixed. The correct fields are now updated. However, existing mutations cannot be corrected. The administrator must manually correct the incorrect transactions.

Issue raised when introducing rubrics with double quotes in Beheer > Medewerkerkaart

When having special characters in a rubric description on the employee card, the administrator could not remove/delete rows anymore. When a rubric description has special characters in the text, the user can remove them. 

Leave card is not giving the information of leaves

The user could not retrieve leave saldo information for two years (2020/2021). This is repaired. The user can retrieve two years leave saldo information.


E-Signing pop-up improvements

We've added a guiding phone format and changed the field description from 'Phone number' to 'Mobile number'. You will also experience an improved behavior related to the error messages when the added email or phone is wrong.


Authorisation error when entering Self Service.

In some cases the user gets an authorisation error when logging into Self Service. This is now fixed.

Employee card is not responding anymore when a manager is trying to consult the employee card more then two times.

This is now fixed. The manager can click multiple times and gets response.

The Print button is missing in 'Occupancy overview'.

The Print button is visible again.


Digital signing pop-up filled by default with prefix +31

Every time users will use the e-Signing pop-up, the Netherlands country dialling code "+31" will be filled by default.

Modal pop-up to print a range of mutations is not displayed properly

This issue made the pop-up to be not centred in the page and the buttons and fields were not working properly. This fix centers the pop-up and makes all the actionable buttons and fields functional again.


Presentation of e-mail sent from a workflow is gone

An additional email (contains an attachment and is set up in the workflow) was no longer shown in Archive, Done and To Do under the plus sign "+". This has now been resolved. The additional email will now be visibly registered under the plus sign "+".

Radio buttons are not displayed properly in IE/Edge

The radio buttons will show now a blue dot to show better which option is selected by the user. This issue happened only with a specific version of Internet Explorer 11.

Textblok doesn't create a new line when pressing Enter

When you give an "Enter" a new line will be added and shown properly in the Textblocks.

The Begin button does not return to the Medewerkerkaart tile

When clicking on the "Begin" button in the list of employees in Medewerkerkaart you did not return to the Medewerkerkaart tile. This has been fixed on this deployment.

Medewerkerkaart - After two times viewing the employeecard is notresponding

Now the "Begin" button from the Medewerkerkaart list is working properly and returns to the Start menu when clicked.

Publishing Date : 8/27/2020

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