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Self Service March 2021

11-03-2021 12:18 (Bijgewerkt op 02-02-2022)
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When the footer - created in an email template - was empty, the system automatically added a link to Youforce. The link to Youforce will not be added automatically. The footer will be shown empty just like the administrator intended.  

Improved buttons styling - Workflow Definition

  • the main button bar is now fixed; you do not need to scroll down in order to reach the buttons
  • directional buttons for navigation are placed between the process steps; next/ back
  • new style; the main action buttons are blue, the secondary ones are gray
  • in the last step of the process, you now have the Previous button available

New buttons in Workflow definition process.gif


Adding new emails to a new activity doesn't work (change 2285355)

When adding new buttons in a workflow definition, the user should be able to add additional emails to that activity and button. This was not the case. You had to save the workflow first. After this, you could configure and add the email to the transition and then save it again.
This is fixed now. When adding the email on the third tab to the new button in Aanvullende email, the added email will be saved now.


Configuration report

Since March 8, you can use the new configuration report functionality in Self Service. You can find this report at: Administration - Tab Statistics.


If this functionality is not visible, you can add this functionality via the relevant activity profile.

Extended access time to Self Service functionality included now in Self Service Business and Self Service Education
Remark: this functionality is not implemented!

This new element in the configuration is the same that already existed in Self Service Beaufort but with this development, it will be possible to extend the access time also in Self Service in Education and Business.

Extended Access Time.jpg

This configuration is accessible through Administration - System - Groups (Beheer - Systeem - Groepen) it will be possible to extend the time an employee can access to Self Service after the contract expired. This extended access time is expressed in days and is configured on the company level so it is applied to all employees. If the field is empty, the employees with an expired contract will be able to continue accessing Self Service forever.

Wildcard is not working on Authorization page (change 1233717)

In de ESS Autorisaties pagina werkte het wildcard in het "werknemer" veldfilter op de Individuele ESS'er autorisatie pagina niet. Dit is gerepareerd. Als je nu gedeelte van een naam intikt, krijg je alle resultaten met deze combinatie van een naam als je op “enter” hebt geklikt. Deze vind je in: Beheer > Autorisatie > ESS Autorisatie en tabblad: Individuele ESS'er.


Change in standard form R_ZwangerschapFeitelijkeBevallingsdatum_v202101

Only HR Core Beaufort

In the 9999999 environment the form R_ZwangerschapFeitelijkeBevallingsdatum_v202101 contains the rubric: P02247 - Meerling. From now this rubric has these default settings: 

      1. Verplicht: Checkmark

      2. Exporteren: Checkmark

      3. Defaultwaarde: Empty

      4. Weergave PSA/AK: Readonly

      5. Weergave mdw/mgr: Readonly

The rubric Meerling had the default setting “N” (Nee). This was in some cases not wanted. Therefore, this default setting has been changed.


Delegations of the employee - removed automatically when contract expires

The Professional users were not able to remove the delegations of an old employee so we automated the delegations removal when the contract of the employee expires. When the contract end date is expired, all given or taken delegations will be removed automatically in a period of 24 hours maximum.

For this delegation removal, the system will not take into consideration the extended access time that is available in HR Core Beaufort. This functionality is also planned for HR Core Business and HR Core Education in future development. The users that open Self Service - after the contract is expired - will be able to access the application but the delegations that they had when they were active employees will be discarded.

Adjust calculation of rounding of 1 cent in Minimum wage

Only HR Core Beaufort

The amount of salary we are displaying in our Salary form differed some times with one cent. Now, the exact amount will be shown according to the official ones represented on the official website of the NL government. Read more…


New functionality - Self Service Configuration Report

Self Service introduces a new functionality: the Configuration Report.


With this new functionality, you can create a report file that contains the current Self Service Configuration of your organization. You can quickly create this report yourself at any time, 24/7.

You can choose either an Excel-file - with five tabs - or a zip-file with five separate CSV-files. No matter which one you choose, the file consists of:

      1. Workflow with templates: get all workflow activities with related emails, conditions, and templates

      2. Workflows: Get all workflow definitions (including activities, conditions, etc.)

      3. Dialogs: Get all dialogs with all configured forms

      4. Forms: Get all forms with all the rubrics and formulas present

      5. Control: get all controls linked to a form

These five options are selected by default. 


You can deselect one or more of these options yourself if you do not need them.


Solved issue

Documents can be sent again for signing from Portal/ My tasks.


Cost type and description remain empty after submission of mutation (change 2606106)

Only Business

In the standard form in the definition import R_Declaratie reisbewegingen (Business), the Type of cost and Description were not filled.

The configuration of this form has been adjusted. The Type of cost and Description are now visible again in the expense overview screen.


Batch signing - Sent documents: envelope details improvement

We have updated the order of the columns and the document preview functionality - which can be accessed by clicking on the Preview icon. This to match the functionalities in the Not Sent Documents overview.


Publishing Date : 3/11/2021

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