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Self Service - November 2020 EN

06-11-2020 15:18 (Bijgewerkt op 01-02-2022)
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New e-Signing email templates

All e-Signing emails have a new design and updated content starting from today. The initial signing email and both reminders (after 3 and 10 days from the initial one) now contain the date until when the signing can be performed. Also, when the documents are no longer available for signing - the reason will be specified in the email (either document expired or they were withdrawn for corrections).


Multiple 'Inzet' rows by contract hours modification (change 2027308)

If you wanted to create a new row on the 'Inzet' form, multiple rows were created. This is fixed in this release.

Not possible to use templates in email configuration for vacancies workflow (change 2076002)

It is now possible to use your own self configured template in the email configuration of the vacancy workflow. In the past you could only use the standard email.

'Inzet' form customer can use a value that is not in the table (change 1979544)

When creating a new row in 'Inzet' form, it was possible to add a non valid value in rubrics 'Functie' and 'Soort inzet'. This is fixed in this release. From now on, you cannot present a not present value in the tables anymore.

Documents can now be sent for signing to users from other countries than the Netherlands (change 2356491)

Documents can now be sent for signing to users from other countries than the Netherlands, when the phone number has 8 digits. For example, there was an issue with a Norwegian number (8 digits); the phone number validation error blocked the signing process. This is fixed in this release.


Collapsible Self Service Start Menu now available

The new Self Service Start Menu is now live. This new functionality allows you to select between 3 different types of Start Menu views (Classic, Adaptative, Collapsed) that can be changed using the arrow icon above the Start Menu elements. This new functionality is available for all users along with a new survey accessible with the Feedback button. To read the full description of this functionality please visit this page.


Tasks having pending signature will be excluded from 'My tasks' list in Youforce (change 2203040)

As long as a signature is pending from the previous workflow activity, the workflow will not be visible in My tasks list in Youforce portal. It will become visible only after the signature was done.

Using Excel formula =sys.check() in Expenses (Excel) results in a double warning (change 2178424)

From now on, when having multiple errors of the same type in an Excel file on the expenses, instead of showing multiple times the same error text, we will show the error message and the number of times it occurs with a 'Total errors' count at the end of the message. This way the same message will not appear multiple times and the information will be more user friendly.

Clicking on task from my tasks list in Youforce opens Self Service but does not show popup with message from user (change 69778)

When accessing to a change (mutatie) that is blocked coming from My Tasks it won't be possible anymore to take any action on the change. As it is blocked it will show a message that it can't be modified and the view of the change will be on 'read only' so it cannot be processed until the blocking reason is completed (document generation, other employee approval, missing signature...).

Allowing negative values in Expenses (change 2336306)

In many declaration forms some customers allow to complete the forms with a total value with negative amount. To prevent errors with negative amounts, we added a verification and a warning to inform users that the total amount of the expense is negative.

The users will see a warning message informing that the total amount is negative, but they can proceed with the submission of the expense if the amount is correct. To do so, the user will have to click on 'Continue' on the warning pop-up, the expense form will then be processed normally. If the negative amount is incorrect, they can click on 'Cancel' to go back to the form and modify the amount in the expense sheet. 

Proper function information in data column on 'Inzet' form (change 2219013)

In some cases the display of the function description in the old - and new data column was reversed. This is fixed now.

Do not add rubric P01107 - Function to several forms in a dialog

When Administrators have added the rubric P01107 - Function to several forms in a dialog, this goes wrong when the "Inzet" form is in that dialog. The 'Inzet' (IR) form will show always in the new data column the information entered on the rubric Function in the first form.

When you try to change the rubric P01107 on another form, it will not show this changed value in 'Inzet'. If you want to display the rubric P01107 - Function on different forms, you have to add a 'A00001' rubric with a copy formula. 

Incorrect error message with valid email address (change 2063823)

When an email was generated in Self Service sometimes an email with a valid address was refused and not being send with the message 'Email address not valid'. This is fixed.

Misspelling corrected in 'Salarischaal'

There was a misspelling in rubric P01151 - Functie/Salaris. The correct text is 'Salarisschalen' with two 's'. This is fixed now.

Timeout in Beheer\autorisatie\vervanging (change 2178887)

Some users were facing a time out error. No error cause was found, but we added information to our logs files, so in the future, we will have more information to troubleshoot.


Wrong manager in email (change 1913694)

If a department have manager roles and higher manager roles, a manager was randomly selected from these roles. From now on, first the managers with MGR-role will be selected to add in the email.

Publishing Date : 11/6/2020

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