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Self Service September 2021 EN

02-09-2021 15:58 (Bijgewerkt op 02-02-2022)
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Some icons in the workflow definition are not properly displayed (change 2942373)

In "Beheer" you could get the error: "The requested content does not excist" when clicking on an icon (for instance the arrow) in Workflow Definition. These icons were missing in Self Service. We added these missing icons in Self Service. The error will not appear anymore.


Leave Withdrawal form is not rightly exported (change 2941114)

 In the form Withdraw Leave, HRE users could not export the value of the field 2116316162 because it had a default value assigned, and before entering the form we are performing a clean-up o all fields values. We implemented a fix for all cores, so users of this form can export the values of all the fields, including the ones with a default value assigned.


Leave withdrawal - Wrong presentation of withdrawn leave request - old value is displayed (change 363048)

In the form Withdraw leave, the user saw the column Old data and this was filled with an old, not relevant value. The column Old data is now no longer visible. In addition, an old irrelevant value was shown in the fields. This old value is also no longer shown.

Digital Signing - Improvements on phone number field

In the past we were reported by users that it is not clear for them how to add the phone number in the signing pop-up, especially when they have a non-Dutch phone number. We implemented a new phone number component, which is more user friendly. It adds a country flag dropdown to the phone field, displays a relevant placeholder and provides formatting and validation methods.

Templates in the Workflow Configuration

The list of templates is now alphabetically sorted and has also a scrollbar in order to have a better view and handling on the page. 


Deleting a sickness record in Self Service issue (change 2431563) 

When a sickness record was removed in Self Service, it was not possible to create a new one. It appeared that the deletion was not saved properly, which caused the blocking of a new sickness record. This error has been fixed. 


In specific cases, no email was created in the process New employee (change 2882174)

An email was not created at the following facility:

1. the email had to be created in the last activity of the workflow
2. it was an additional email and
3. it was a manual action to put a document in the Personnel File.

The solution for this was already put into production on August 27.

Publishing Date : 9/29/2021

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