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(updated by Thor Lundehoj VISMA ‎16-07-2019 15:17 )
Karina Baisgaard
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1. Front page
front page.png

When you log on to the Outsourcing portal, you will enter the front page. This is where all communication between Visma and Your company takes place. You can create a new message by selecting “Create new message”. When you create a new message, you can choose whether to write to one specific person or to all. You also have the option to attach a file. front page 2.png

 2. Deadlines

In the menu item “Deadlines” you will find a calendar which gives you a quick overview of the deadlines agreed-upon between your company and Visma, this overview can also be found in your Service agreement handbook.

 3. Archive

In the menu item “Archive” you will find a search tool which gives you the opportunity to search on all your cases, both open and closed. You can search by text or by date.



 4. Company

In the menu item “Company” you will find your company information, and be able to edit and maintain the information. 


 5. Contact

We sincerely hope that the outsourcing portal will make it easy for you to communicate electronically with Visma. If you should require talking to us you will find our contact information in the menu item “Contact”.