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Account setup


In order to be able to charge costs and remuneration on the correct accounts, you are dependent on the accounts being set up in Payroll, and that they are properly linked to wages. Payroll has the option of using two types of standard chart of accounts, which you have specified under the Onboarding Wizard or in
Employees | Settings | Company Settings | Accounting,
but you can also add your own accounts, or add your own accounts to an existing account set.


Employees / Settings / Accounts
It is very important that all the accounts you use are created before registering transactions and wages because they are used in other contexts in the system. For example, the Payroll accounts use them when you create the accounting file at the end of the payroll process. If you have chosen to use one of the account setups predefined in the system, some accounts will already be ready for use. The link to the account types is also predefined, you can read more about this in the article Account types.


Click "Add Account" to create new accounts.


Account: Enter the desired account number. Maximum length is 40 characters. It is important that this account number is the same as that used in the accounting system, unless accounting will be mistaken for transfer to accounting.
Name: Add the requested name to the account. Maximum length is 60 characters.

Properties: Specify whether account shell is used for amount, quantity, or both.
Dimensions: Specify whether the account should be associated with dimensions. Possible choices are "Not allowed", "Optional" or "Mandatory". Eg. for some companies it will be useful that there should always be a department responsible for transactions related to salary (Required), but not desirable for transactions related to withholding tax (Not allowed). If you create an account with ID starting with numbers 3-9, the system will automatically suggest "optional" as the setting for the dimensions.
Account valid from: By default, the validity dates of the account are set without a specific date. That is, the account will be valid at any time. If you want to specify a validity period, enter the start and / or end date here.


To create multiple accounts consecutively, check "More registrations" next to the Save button. When you save, the account will be saved and the image will be ready to create the next account immidietly.


If you are going to use Visma.net Financials as an accounting system, all accounts MUST be set up with the dimensions "Optional", or "Mandatory". This is because Visma.net Financials requires a dimension on most accounts. If the accounts are not set up with "Optional" or "Mandatory", the accounting file of Visma.net Financials will fail upon transfer and you will have to post manually.