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Getting Subaccount cannot be empty error while saving journal transaction

av kashyap

We are getting error while saving journal transactions


{"message":"VismaId: 263d4732-c357-43ee-89a6-df99b9da6bc0. Error creating journal transaction. Error: Inserting 'General ledger transaction' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors.Error: 'Subaccount' cannot be empty."}


I have attached a request body.

1 SVAR 1

av kbv

Hi Kashyap. You need to send values for the subaccount on the transaction - even if "none". Depending on the number of subaccounts you have the body will look different. You also need to define the lines one by one. So if you only have 1 subaccount it will look like 


If you have 2 subaccounts you have to define both of the eg:


"subaccount": [
          "segmentId": 0,
          "segmentValue": "string"
"segmentId": 1,
"segmentValue": "string" } ],

And so on 🙂
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